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to open a bottle of wine. monica foreman-robinson who said she knew harris from banking at the same financial institution sat waiting for him in his car when he emerged from the lounge with its owner and three would-be robbers waiting for them. she told the jurors that's when "someone with a masks and gun kept yelling at him and became exaggerated." she then described what happened after harris walked quickly around the front of the car, got inside and closed the door saying "when ken started the car it seemed the car shook or something. that is when he shot kenneth." prosecutors say forensic tests turned up suspect jerome williams' dna in the mask which suggests he was the triggerman that night but his attorney says between the shooting at the car, the confrontation at the door to the lounge and the robbery inside there may be tá different crime scenes and apparently more than one
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possible halloween mask. so, i'm going to sit back and wait and see how that particular angle develops. the state can charge and say anything. now they have to prove what they said and as i told the jury this is their case. so they have to make the ultimate judgment. >> reporter: attorneys for the three suspects told the jury since all of the robbers were something over -- wore something over their faces no one can identify them and they suggested police rushed to make arrests because it was a high-profile crime. jeff hager, abc2 news. >> thank you. the first person convicted under the state's gang law has been granted a new trial. duan marshall was convicted of killing a rival gang member in 2008 but the conviction was vacated friday after a judge heard testimony about juror misconduct including allegations that a juror looked up marshall's criminal record on the internet. he will be tried again.
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he had faced maximum life for the murder conviction and another 20 for the gang conviction. police charged the pregnant girlfriend of an escaped inmate. gina di stetano charring with harboring a fugitive. it's believed she's with paul palmer, she's charged with attempted murder for -- he's charged with attempted murder for a stabbing in august. investigators say palmer was able to break free from hand restraints and escape. police believe palmer and di at the stano are driving a silver kia spectra, license plate 1ewb10. tonight power is still out for more than 40 people in little italy after a fire over the weekend. it happened 7:30 yesterday morning in an underground power tunnel at the corner of fawn and high streets. this video was shot by little
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italy's restaurant owners and shows there was other video -- flames shooting from the air. bge says 43 customers are still without power. they are working to replace damaged cables and transformers. they hope to have the power completely restored by tomorrow morning. former presidential candidate john mccain is supporting robert ehrlich in the race for governor. mccain says he thinks ehrlich is a fine guy and has his endorsement. sarah palin, mccain's running mate endorsed business investor brian murphy in the gop primary. richard sher, host of "squareoff" and viewers rallied in support of the political show. he's celebrating his second year here on abc2. every sunday at 6:30. watch sher and his roundtable. some of maryland's most influential powerweights discussing the hot topics. on a side note richard sher is scheduled to host an anniversary special coming up in mid-october. all new at 5:00 tonight --
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a plane crashes in venezuela. 43 passengers and four crew members were on board. authorities believe at least 23 people survived the crash. the plane was headed to margarita island when it crashed shortly after takeoff. no word on what caused the plane to go down. a nigerian man charged with trying to blow up an international flight near detroit on christmas wants to represent himself in court. the christmas day bomber made his first court appearance since he was arraigned in february on several charges. passengers who saw flames on the northwest flight 253 jumped on him and subdued him. authorities say he was trying to set off explosives that were hidden in his underwear. as residents of san bruno, california, continue to pick through the charred ruins of their homes investigators are trying to make sure there's no repeat of that massive gas explosion that killed at least four and destroyed almost 50 homes. tonight they are trying to track down anyone who reported
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the order of gas through the power company. odor of gas through the power company. no records of such calls. diana avillar tells us there were other signs of trouble. >> reporter: this is exhibit a in the ntsb's investigation. the 28-foot long pipeline at the center of the san bruno explosion. >> we want to know, was it a fatigue factor associated with pressurizing and depreciatizing the pipe which could eventually break it. >> reporter: now comes information the pipeline was known to be potentially dangerous. in a 2007 document the owner, pg & e said the pipeline ranks in the top 100 risks of and risk of failure at this location is unacceptably high. the document was part of a budget request to replace the line. monday pg & e refute the their own report. they said the line had been tested as recently as this march. >> this one not listed as one of the high-risk sections of the pipeline. >> reporter: the california public utilities commission ordered the company to inspect
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all 6,400 miles of existing pipeline, that run directly beneath homes. crumbling infrastructure is not just california's problem. according to the agency overseeing the nation's pipelines, there were 265 significant incidents last year alone and 14 deaths. many lines are 40, 50, even 60 years old and need to be replaced. >> we had no clue there was a 60-year-old pipe running through our neighborhood. >> reporter: experts say san bruno was a canary in the coal mine, a warning that the infrastructure is ailing, in a way that could court even more catastrophe. investigators are asking residents if they remember seeing any dying vegetation prior to the explosion. that could indicate leaking gas. diana avillar, abc news, los angeles. >> a second wildfire broke out in colorado. it started yesterday and quickly spread to more than 600 acres. the fire destroyed a home and forced hundreds of people to leave their homes.
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this fire is just 35 miles away from a fire near boulder that destroyed nearly 170 homes. dry week in maryland. we did get much-needed rain yesterday. thankfully. we certainly could use that rain that we got on sunday. now today things drying out pretty nicely. a lot of sunshine. really a fantastic september day. take a look at the satellite and radar view. also maryland's most powerful doppler radar on this image. the closest rain way out in west virginia and actually north where the ravens are going to be playing later tonight. it looks like there will be the chance of storms there in the new stadium at meadowlands. we'll be watching that closely. right now temperatures low 80s, even mid-70s for annapolis to cambridge. 88 in frederick. so it's a good bit hotter in the western part of the state. the rest of the evening, just partly cloudy and breezy and cool. actually, that should read the 70s. we'll be in the 70s this evening. we'll talk more about the ravens game day forecast tonight and also look ahead to the rest of the week.
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can this stuff last? coming up. patches of oil believed to be from the bp leak have been found in the gulf of mexico sea floor. the university of georgia researchers found oil as much as 80 miles from the deepwater horizon well. some of the patches of oil are up to two inches thick. the scientists collected at least 10 samples from the sea floor about a mile down. testing is needed though to confirm it's bp oil but researchers say it has the appearance of recent oil from the busted well, not old oil. tonight begins the 15th season for the ravens. they stay under the bright lights against the jets. no season has ever caused so much hype and excitement and promise for the ravens. game time at the meadowlands is 7:00. the battle over extending tax cuts for the middle class wages on. coming up, what the president had to say today about the economy. and two local organizations
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help brick -- bring some smiles to patients at the hospital for children. it's time to update your wardrobe. five tips to make sure you're dressed to impress. looking at catonsville, currently 79 degrees. stick around. wyett has a look at the forecast coming up. my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy.
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that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress.
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maryland's primary election is tomorrow. the last-minute barrage of campaign literature and commercials are in full swing. are the candidates completely truthful when it comes to pitches for your vote in roosevelt leftwich has more. >> reporter: kelly, believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. that seems to have been written specifically for political rhetoric. finding truth without being misled is as much a part of the
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voter's duty as it is to cast the ballot. >> reporter: no, mukulski doesn't have the body of a tyrannosaurus rex and tiny dinosaur arms but what is said about her voting record? is it the truth? >> it's a tax. >> reporter: are taxes and fees really the same thing or is a tax a tax and a fee a fee in welcome to the world of heavy duty political rhetoric. it doesn't have to be completely true to go before voters. >> in political speech you are not liable simply because you made a false statement. people make false statements all the time. rather, you're liable only under two conditions. one, you knew the assertion was false. second, you make a statement in reckless disregard of the truth. >> reporter: this was sent to abc2 by a viewer who felt that the wording in this so-called official ballot in the 45th distribute was misleading. he felt it would make voters think they are the only options
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on the ballot. the attorney general says this ad is ok because it's sanctioned by an approved group even though the actual ballot has similar wording. the candidates or parties may claim to be smart on crime or fighting crime first. how do you know it's true? graber says that's where the voters have to make choices and being an informed member of the electorate to separate the truth from lies, half-truths from bold-faced lies and real truths from the real garbage. >> we expect candidates not simply to engage in a little bit of exaggeration but a great deal of it and voters are expected to know that. vote for me and we'll be out of this recession within five days. highly unlikely. but in fact we've decided voters can decide that. >> reporter: graeer says our politics have become so polarized over the past 20 years that even if a candidate
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runs a spot criticizing candidate b from a it's undisputedly a true fact candidate b supporters don't and won't believe it. in fact it solidifies the report for their candidate. go figure. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. we all want to be considered fashionistas, ladies but it's hard to keep up with the trends that are changing so much. we're going to give you five fashion must-haves to have that fabulous wardrobe. we talked with ann harris, a sales consultant with esoterica, a fashion house in new york city and she has five ideas for you. try cocktail dress with three separate pieces. wear a pop of color with an attitude piece. try a tunic and you've got to be bold with these last two, leggings or maybe faux fur. if that's not your speed take this advice and you'll always look classic. >> make sure that you
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shop for your lifestyle, for your shape and you shop for your size. the worst thing you can do is put on something that is a size too small. you mutt -- put on the proper size, you look 10 pounds lighter. >> no matter how cool the trend make sure you are comfortable wearing it. if you feel good in an outfit you will project an image that makes everyone take a look at your style. many of us are always looking for ways to spruce up our wardrobe. we want to know what looks good, what is in, what is out. so abc2 news sherrie johnson has the five fach must-haves for a flexible and fabulous wardrobe. ok, apparently we don't have that story. i'm going to move on to the next story. university of maryland hospital for children unveiled a new fun center for its patients today. the starlight fun center was a donation from the wyndham hotel group and starlight children's foundation. it's a mobile nintendo wii game
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system. it can be wheeled up to the patient's bedside. >> it's important from the -- a functional piece. the controllers only have so much length. so it's important you're able to get the video game close to where the child is playing. and also if there's any visual issues involved you can move it as close to the child that they can see. what is going on. >> it's cool. doctors and staff say the wii is a nice distraction for young patients and allows them just to be kids. we are counting down the days to the komen race for the cure. set for sunday, october 3rd in hunt valley. abc2 news will be live on the air to broadcast the event that sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. here's how you can register for the big race. head to our web site, click on the think pink link. you'll find that under the lifestyle tab.
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it warmed up nicely. >> it did. typical this time of year that we would be upper 70s to low 80s. that's where we are the next few days. nice september sunshine. tough to complain. we got rain we needed sunday. we could use a little more. that may come toward the middle to late part of the week. let's look at, hey, a warm afternoon across baltimore. federal hill, a little breezy. you can see old glory there flapping pretty good in the winds. winds now southwest at 9, gusting higher and temperature 80 degrees. humidity 47%. take a look, let's get into it, ravens at the jets, new stadium up there in new jersey i think it is. 72 degrees, expected to kick off 7:00. their chance of thunderstorms, have to watch this as we go towards game time, even a couple of hours into the game. passing storm possible. that could trigger a delay and also bring in showers there at the big game as the ravens head up to take on the jets. back here today, a lot of blue sky, nice-looking day of
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weather. a few clouds this morning. they actually did have patchy morning fog. that quickly lifted and burned off. we'll take you to towson this morning. you can see a little of that fog lifting. and that sunshine comes through. we're left with might which fine weather -- mighty fine weather. winds gusting 20 to 25. you still have to be careful with that outdoor burning. steady winds now out of the southwest around 9 to 15, at the top of the hour at least. still breezy. but a pretty comfortable and pleasant evening on the way. low 80s now. humidity not that high. and temperatures will be dropping into the 70 and eventually down to the 60s later tonight. there's that relative humidity. only 22% out in frederick. a little higher towards wilmington, cambridge 61%. let's take you to a wider view. quiet across maryland, look at this cluster of storms. we're tracking up in to northern new jersey, moving towards new york city. they are definitely going to get around the storms at the meadowlands but hopefully it will clear out in time for the big game at 7:00 we'll keep
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the chance of thunderstorms spinning around the disturbance. cooler air marching in, won't make it tomorrow, get in here wednesday. uj likely to bring -- unlikely to bring as much in the way of rain now. if anything, just partly cloudy skies tomorrow and into the day on wednesday we hope we can squeeze out a couple of hit or miss showers but it will be tough to do that ahead of this next boundary. just really dry again and partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy skies will be possible wednesday into thursday. tropical storm igor now a category 4 hurricane. packing winds to 150 miles per hour. so that is a change. we've got tropical storm juliet here. our tropical satellite getting active. well defined eyewall here. the ominous track taking it right toward bermuda as a major hurricane. we're going to have to watch igor closely. 58, mostly clear tonight and cool. as we look at tomorrow, 2-degree guarantee, 82 or so. mostly sunny skies. nice day and then into the day tomorrow -- night, rather, 62.
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cool, refreshing. not bad. things do begin to change a little as we truck toward middle and end part of the week. you can see thursday into friday, a disturbance coming through. that will bring us our best chance at more of the much-needed rain across maryland. again, late thursday lingering into friday. and looking ahead to the weekend, of course, the big swim across america coming up this sunday. right now looking like sunny and low 80s for all the swimmers out there. kelly? prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men. in our "health alert," pros and cons of early detection. plus, find out how this car ended up going through a roof of a home.
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we're working on new stories for tonight at 5:30. i'm roosevelt leftwich. president obama touted his plan to fix the economy today. why obama is blaming republicans for favoring the rich over the middle class. and, an american woman in a prison in iran, still waiting for her freedom. she was supposed to be released over the weekend. why there's no -- why there's now a delay i should say, in her release. and dental costs can put a dent in your wallet for the child. how to not waste your money. that plus the full bag of weather coming up at 5:30. in tonight's "health alert" -- prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in american men. while a man's proteins, specific antigen or psa level can be a strong predictor for his risk of dying from prostate cancer a new study found frequent testing is not beneficial in men with low psa
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officials. timothy johnson has more. >> reporter: doctors have long debated the pros and cons of psa screening and early detection in men. psa is a protein produced by the cells of the prostate gland and can be used to detect prostate diseases including prostate cancer. netherland researchers measured the psas of a thousand male patients, 50 to 74, about half of them received regular screenings and treatments, the rest didn't. after 10 years researchers followed up with the patients and found that prostate cancer deaths were highest in men with high psa levels from the beginning of the study. the men with moderate and high psa levels benefited most from early and follow-up testing. four men who had -- for men with low psa levels, no significant benefit from regular follow-up testing. because of the lack of benefit to these patients researchers
5:27 pm
say excessive testing could lead to overtreatment and unnecessary medical costs. the researchers say it's very important that men talk with their doctors to decide how often they should have their psa levels tested. with this "medical minute," i'm dr. timothy johnson also in tonight's "health alert" -- u.s. health officials are considering whether to pull the diet pill meridia off the market. it's been sold since 1997 but democratta last november -- data last november showed patients with heart disease taking drug had a more than 11% risk of cardiovascular risk compared with 10% of those taking a placebo. there's a range of options by the fda including adding a few more warning labels. the first lady is asking the nation's restaurants to offer healthy options for children. that story coming up on abc2 news at 5:30 which starts in just two minutes. boss: our breakout session is gonna be great.
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who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland is in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago. dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget -- honestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellent schools -- everywhere. protect the bay -- finally. it's why i'm running. to make the state we love not just good but great. now let's get down to work.

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